Virtual Choir 2020 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the strings, conductor, accompanist and soloists actually be performing the solos and 3 choruses live, on Friday AND Saturday?

Yes, both Friday and Saturday, and Yes, the strings, conductor, accompanist, and soloists, who will perform live the solo movements only. The 3 choruses (Hallelujah, Glory to God, & And the glory of the Lord) will be pre-recorded by our chorus singers in the form of a "Virtual Choir" which will be played back during the live streaming performance.

NOTE: Our own soloists will perform on Friday and as many current and former YAVC winners will perform the solos on Saturday, with our own soloists filling in the gaps.

Will each chorus singer be recording himself/herself while listening to the accompaniment during the November 29 dress rehearsal?
No, the three choruses we are doing as a "virtual choir" are done ahead of time starting in September. Each singer will video record themselves at home singing their voice part while listening to the piano accompaniment recording ( available on our web site ) OR their Part Predominate practice CD. Then they email or text their video to me. I collect all the singer's videos and hand them off to the editor to edit into a single video track which we will play during the live streaming. The final result is a video montage of people's heads singing their part while the combined audio track plays.
Will the entire chorus ever be present together at any time this fall?
No. This is for the safety and health of our singers. Singers throw out an amazing amount of moist warm air when they sing. It only takes one infected person in a group to infect everyone else. Check out this link if you haven't heard about the Skagit Community Chorus March incident in WA.
What about the other Christmas Choruses besides the three we are recording as a "virtual choir?"

We will show the remaining choruses from the Christmas Messiah as clips from some of our previously recorded live performances. These are "And He shall purify", "For unto us a child is born", and "His yoke is Easy". Dr. McGahie thought they would be harder for our members to sing by themselves at home and take too much of our members time.

NOTE: Since combining the solo and choral portions of "O Thou that tellest" presents a greater technical challenge than we are prepared to tackle we are going to have our soloists perform the chorus live along with the soloist. They will be 6 feet apart facing out into the empty sanctuary.

So our online streaming performances will include both live and pre-recorded music?

Yes! At First United Methodist Church in Pascagoula, we do this every Sunday morning at the 10:30 live streaming of our Traditional Service to YouTube. The software/app we use makes it easy to do so.

SO - Our online performances will blend live music, virtual choir music, and historic performance music in a seamless presentation shown online and recorded for posterity.

Tips from your Director

I tried recording myself singing the bass part of the Hallelujah Chorus three ways: with the Bass Practice CD full mix (track 9), the same CD with the bass part louder (track 19), and with the accompaniment track posted below.

My recommendation is to use the Full mix (track 9) on your practice CD. It gives you the feeling of singing in a choir with all the voice parts and helps you to keep your place in the music.

NOTE: You must use one of these listed track versions to make your recording! All of the individual recordings will be mixed down with this piano accompaniment. Using other recordings to sing with will result in your recording being too fast or too slow. Such a recording will not sync with our piano accompaniment and thus be unusable.

For answers to your questions please email Dr. Paul at or text at 228-257-2249.